Bike Across Oz

A solo bike ride from Sydney to Perth in less than 10 days: Can Tristan break the world record?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Day 8 - Stats

Start time = 5.10am
Finish time = 7.53pm
Daily time = 14hrs 43mins
Daily distance = 490km

Total time = 7 days 15hrs 43mins
Total distance = 3310km

Day 8 - Amanda's Take On Things

We've come a long way- sorry about not updating, but internet access has been sparse. Pauline and I are sitting in the roadhouse in Caiguna, its 8:40am AEST, we've been up since 4:30.

The first day went well, the Sydney hills didn't bother Tristan like he thought - 450km in one day, to 21km east of Wagga Wagga.

Day 2 was a different matter. The weather came in bad - heavy rain and thunderstorms. Only made it 350km to Balranald, had a very cold Tristan on our hands, but we spent the night in a cabin (oh the luxury!).

Day 3: Relatively uneventful, made it through 3 states in one day (NSW, Vic, SA). Slept in a roadside parking bay on gravel.

Day 4: Everything looked on the rocks. Tristan tore a thigh muscle in the cold early morning. After a call to the doctor in Burra, discovered the damage wasn't permanent, and it all just depended on whether Tristan wanted to push through the pain. He decided to keep going, took it easy that day, stayed @ the caravan park in Crystal Brook. A luxury to set up tents and cook dinner in the daylight.

Day 5: Easy, giving leg a rest- seems to have worked!!. Made it to Minnipa in SA.

Day 6: 470ks across the nullarbor to the Nullarbor Roadhouse, where there were dingoes hanging around. I think everyone was starting to feel the strain. Tristan was exhausted, some of us were a bit snappy.

Day 7: Crossed the SA/WA border. Everyone seems in good spirits, we really believe he's going to make it- @ this rate Tristan will shave hours off the record.

Day 8: Today. Hoping to make it just south of Norseman. Tommorrow's destination is Southern Cross (mmm... caravan park... showers!). That'll leave Tristan with about 380kms to ride on the last day. Hopefully we'll get into Cottesloe around sunset. Come down and meet us!!

Keep an eye on (follow the links to Tristan's ride) for more up to date info.

Got to go chase Kelly and Taryn in the other car - plus the biggest centipede ever is crawling around my feet and I don't want to get bitten!!

Day 8 - Cocklebiddy to Norseman

A big day today...and also a very boring one. The 90 mile straight road certainly didn't help...nor did the changing scenery! Pfft!

Though towards the end of the day and closer to Norseman we did get some trees to entertain us.

....and what else did we find at Norseman!??? An intersection!!! That's the end of the Eyre Hwy for us. Tomorrow we turn the corner and head north for the first time this trip towards Coolgardie.

Group photo... the only one for the whole ride: Cherish it!

We've obviously all been keeping up on our beauty sleep!!
Notice Tristan doing what he does best?? Munch munch Crunch crunch.