Bike Across Oz

A solo bike ride from Sydney to Perth in less than 10 days: Can Tristan break the world record?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Day 7 - Stats

Start time = 6.46am
Finish time = 8.07pm
Daily time = 13hrs 53mins
Daily distance = 442km

Total time = 6 days 16 hrs 29mins
Total distance = 2820km

Day 7 - Double Trouble

Met another rider - Anne Fitzpatrick - who asked: "Are you the crazy one doing it in 10 days!?" Good to see that word is getting around! We all agree that Anne is the crazier of the two though. Why? Because (a) she had the headwind, (b) she had a trailer to lug along with her and (c) we didn't see two cars driving along with her!

Trying to help Tristan out with his painful back. The strapping came off at the next stop! Obviously not very successful! Tristan may just have to stick with using the painkillers!

Among the many dead roos we've spotted along the road (curtesy of the road trains I am sure) we actually had a live roo sighting...and then many more as dusk approached!!!

Camping again tonight, with many a different bug, 40km east of Cocklebiddy

Day 7 - Nullarbor to Cocklebiddy

Today we crossed the official part of the Nullarbor Plain (which really isn't all that long - the official treeless part anyway). The sign says "The Western End of The Nullarbor Plain"...only you can't see it very well cos it was yet again STUPID o'clock in the morning, which means the weather isn't always so nice!

We're in the home state! That's right, we crossed the SA/WA Border....and here's the proof:

The journey so far:

And what's to come:

Today also marks the very first day Tristan has had a tailwind! Hurrah! So he certainly tried to make the most of it. It especially helped on that madly big hill at Madura Pass. Might I say, the support team were all very impressed with Tristan's mountain climbing abilities. He brags about it all the time, and today we saw the proof! Bragging allowed! Which also means you're allowed to wear that polka-dot 'king of the mountains' jersey now Tristan without us laughing at you ...much!