Bike Across Oz

A solo bike ride from Sydney to Perth in less than 10 days: Can Tristan break the world record?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Day 5 - Stats

Start time = 5.31am
Finish time = 8.53pm
Daily time = 15hrs 22mins
Daily distance = 416km

Total time = 4 days 16 hrs 43mins
Total distance = 1897km

Day 5 - Highlights

Two main highlights for today: Tristan clocked 78km on a downhill out of Kimba! Woh!! And he's half way there! Kimba marks 'half way across Australia' ...even though Trist didn't hit 2000km til a little after!

And Tristan's leg, though painful later in the days, seems to be holding out ok. Lets hope it continues to for the next 5 days!

Day 5 - Crystal Brook to Minnipa

We are now goal setters. Today we plan on finishing at Minnipa which is more than 400km away but last night's recovery seems to have done well.

Very hot in the middle of today which is almost killing Tristan. He claims he is going "mentally insane"...but we all decided that long ago when he first chose to do the bike ride!!!

This is why we can't find anything when we want it!!! And that's just one of the cars!!!