Bike Across Oz

A solo bike ride from Sydney to Perth in less than 10 days: Can Tristan break the world record?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Day 1 - Stats

Start time = 4.10am
Finish time = 8.50pm
Daily time = 16hrs 40mins
Daily distance = 449km

Day 1 - Scared of the Dark

Tristan discovered he doesn't much like riding at night time, especially on a major highway. So we tried to keep him a bit of company and the other cars/trucks warning by following him in the emergency lane with our bright orange flashing lights. Disco!

Today we finished up 21km east of Wagga Wagga in our first of many roadside camping spots. All in all quite a good start, though we have a very knackered Tristan to feed, massage and put to bed in order to do it all again tomorrow!!

Day 1 - Leap Frogging

When we're not slaving over him, we are waiting for him....

....and passing him by....


....and again!

We like to call this leap frogging, bunny hopping, bunny leaping, frog hopping...or whatever else comes out on the day!

Day 1 - Weather and Breaks

The weather today went from breezy and cold (that may have had something to do with the time of day we started) to blue skies and sunny. What a lovely day for a bike ride.

Every few hours Tristan was scheduled for a break. This is when the slave action of the support team gets put to work. He is fed and massaged and drugged (if required....more like anti-inflammatory-ized), map calculations are done, sunscreen rubbed in, snacks prepared, water bottles filled....and after all that, he's back on the road til the next one!

Strike a pose!

Day 1 - Sydney to Wagga Wagga

And so the bike ride begins....

After what must have accumulated to only 2 hours of sleep last night (P.S. Don't stay at the rowdy Indy's Backpackers at Bondi - Red Hot Chili Peppers left on loud repeat ALL night) we were all up at 2.30am (AEST) to prepare for the journey!! We met the film crew of the Guiness World Record show down at the Bondi Beach Pavillion at 4am. Very windy and cool at that hour of the morning....or is it night? The filming seemed to take forever, but once it was done and the official witnesses arrived (the mayor and a policeman) Tristan was off and racing. The front car lead him out. We took a little bit of an accidental detour...but that was mostly just to get Tristan warmed up. The back car followed and tried to get a few witnesses along the way. Their were a surprising number of people on the streets considering the hour of day it was! Us little Perth-ites certainly aren't used to all this 24 hour city action! The film crew followed Tristan to the Hume Hwy which took us all the way out of Sydney and beyond!

Tristan seemed to manage just fine with the hills today - he certainly has proved he likes the mountains (Australian sized mountains). Good thing to have them on the first day and get them all over and done with. Hopefully he will pull up okay tomorrow.

For all you bike fans out there, this is the machine that is getting Tristan across Australia. Pretty isn't it? We aren't allowed to touch...yet!